“Fresh, so fresh, exciting, tadi dadi dum…”

Yes, I know I only post updates every fortnight or so and that I’m terrible at keeping to schedule.

Then again, I also know that those of you who need immediate updates are already fans on facebook and following @unicum_music on twitter 🙂

Before I travel to London and the next seven days swallow me up in some kind of frightening time warp, here’s the fresh news recap Unicum Artist by Unicum Artist.

Emilie Chick

…was back in Paris last Friday (16/04) to open for incredible Montreal-based band Beast @ La Maroquinerie in Paris, where she delivered a sassy and slick performance as always. Emilie has posted pics on flickr & videos on youtube…and a really, really sweet update on her website. Read on.

Good news came up today in the form of an article in Musique Info, the French Music Industry monthly magazine, on her Deezer de Talents/Adami win.

…And there are many a good thing Emilie Chick will be looking forward to in May also.

First of all, she will finally be shooting her (1st ever!) music video mid-May on “Scholarship“, her 1st single that was played on Radio FG just before the gig on Friday!

Secondly, potential dates in Paris should hopefully be announced soon, alongside an invitation to the Adami/Deezer de Talent/Europavox press conference in Clermont-Ferrand (22/05) to officially receive her prize and perform a very short acoustic set in front of 200 industry professionals.

Joni Fuller

Things have definitely started to move forward for Joni and media attention has recently intensified.


Two of her songs (“Paper Cuts” and “Blue Café”) are now being played regularly on BBC Lancashire thanks to John Gillmore and Sean McGinty who have invited her back into the studio on 7th May to perform on “An Intimate Afternoon With…”The show is already fully booked and will be aired live.


You probably all noticed, but in case you didn’t, Joni won the award for ‘Best Female Artist’ at the Exposure Music Awards.

A couple of articles followed in the local press (Blackpool Gazette) and more importantly, PRS for Music interviewed her last week, labeling her “one to watch”!

To top all this good news, Joni has just been invited to perform at PRS for Music‘s AGM by its Chairman, Ellis Rich, so she’ll be back in London next thursday (29/04) at the Imagination Gallery !

More great news soon…

Mademoiselle Sane

Les choses commencent à bien se mettre en place avec un calendrier de 3 dates à ne pas manquer – à vos agendas!

30 avril : le concert pour les France Ô Folies qui avait été filmé en février dernier à Mantes-la-Jolie sera diffusé sur France Ô. …A vos votes… (c’est par ici!).

17 mai : l’album “Ca n’coûte pas grand’ chose de rêver” est fin prêt et sortira sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargement légal dans les provinces de France et de Navarre !

28 mai : 1ère date de reprise des concerts en formation allégée. Ca se passera au 16, à Montmartre, plus d’infos bientôt….

Oh, I must make an apology. It beats me as to why my “short”, ‘quick” updates always end up being so long, but I guess that must mean I’ve missed you.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll try to post sooner next time. Realistic?


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