Le Sacre du Printemps…

Ahhh – a 2 week break from posting. For a good cause. (hols. españa. vacaciones. bueno).

I’ll just keep it short and  give you a quick highlight on Emilie Chick and Joni Fuller before this post gets too long and you pop off to sleep.

Emilie Chick

Her industry showcase at the Réservoir in Paris (15/04) went down like a house on fire. A short fan video and a couple of pics are up on her website for you to gape at.

Since then, things have been moving ‘onwards and upwards’ from all sides.

Digital album release across Continental Europe of “This Is Emilie Chick Speaking” (22nd March)

Winner of the Adami-Deezer de Talents-Europavox Award for Favourite Artist of the European Musical Press”

Double Nomination at the Exposure Music Awards (UK) for “Best International Artist” and “Best Urban Song” (Scholarship)

…Not bad eh?

April is looking good for Emilie with more to come as soon as it’s decided for good : video shoot for “Scholarship”, another concert date in Paris, interviews to be published in various cool magazines… All good!

Joni Fuller

After things took off when BBC Lancs played her song “Paper Cuts” on various occasions, they invited Joni into the studio to record a live session and interiew that will be aired on Thursday 2nd April. As soon as we have specific times and details, we’ll be getting the word out fast.

As good news rarely comes alone, the recording of the live session at BBC Lancs went down so well that they decided to invite her back again for “An Intimate Afternoon With…” that will be aired live from the studio where Joni will be performing for an hour on 7th May.

BBC Lancs will be announcing the show soon and you can win tickets to attend – stay tuned.

Last but not least, Joni also picked up 2  Nominations at the Exposure Music Awards in Cheltenham for “Best Female  Artist” and “Best Pop Song” (Change Girl).


….with all this good news, my deed is done, your brain cells are now updated. Many very promising things to come ahead for sure this spring : le Sacre du Printemps est proche… Fingers crossed !


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