D-Day : Digital Velvet album out now !

Ok so the Digital Velvet album is finally here !

It’s been so much fun releasing all the amazing tracks one by one since January 19, to build up for the big day today. Things are starting to pick up and the project is still only in its beginnings. More soon on that front.

We’ll also be sharing a bit more info about who actually is behind « Digital Velvet ». It’s time you knew because, well, it’s time frankly. And he’s already been releasing very different music under another moniker that he’s best known for. Yes, I said « he »… 😉

Until then, it’s Friday : time to relax and enjoy the « Digital
Velvet » album in full



Le nouveau et ultime titre de l’album “Digital Velvet” est sorti : “To Breathe feat. Emilie Chick”. Vous pouvez l’écouter ici.

Et enfin ! Après en avoir découvert track by track, l’album complet de
Digital Velvet est disponible
, sur toutes les plateformes de streaming.

Bonne écoute !

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