Dynasty Electric synched on a Victoria’s Secret National TV ad this week

Brooklyn electronic rockers Dynasty Electric have scored another big spot. The music from “Just Like That” is to be featured in a national television spot to be aired the week of Thanksgiving 2012. The commercial will appear on FOX, MTV, VH1, E!, and Bravo.

Just Like That” is an upbeat electro-pop effort with a whimsical melody and a hooky refrain.  Quirky, catchy, with a punky edge, it is an out of the blue hit for the band. The indie electro-rockers have been a grassroots success story of the Brooklyn underground, defying the odds and carving out a unique niche through years of releasing albums and performing in the clubs and lofts of Williamsburg and NYC.  Their long residency at the NewSonic loft parties was the stuff of legend, and it was in that smoky den of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Bands that their music found the ears of Matthew Evertsen of the Sound Foundation, producer David Maurice, and their label No Shame.

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