MUST READ! “A Psychological Analysis Of Record Industry Decline”

By Kyle Bylin

“Everyone has their own theory on why the record industry is in decline. In part, they all hold a grain of truth. Hundreds of things helped exacerbate the process – some obvious, others not. The diagnosis will always remain open to speculation. After ten years (or more) of the smartest minds in various fields prognosticating and predicting the death and subsequent rebirth of the record industry, it’s quite difficult to offer an original take on what happened.

It’s all been said, at least once, and the Internet is a living record of that. In the last few years, many interesting studies have emerged that – when taken as a whole – offer a somewhat novel insight into what could’ve possibly caused the plight of the record industry in the digital age. The bigger picture takes a bit of imagination to render, but when looked at, it raises thought-provoking questions.

Let us review:

1) Traditional Leaders.

2) Opt For The Familiar.

3) Spike in Popularity.

4) Adaptation Is Hindered.

5) Not My Fault. ”


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