We’re Back !

Oh yes, WE’RE SO BACK from our hols ! Lots in store in the next weeks and months to come, so much actually, that we don’t know where to start.

EMILIE CHICK launched her BANDCAMP page this week, MADEMOISELLE SANE announced NEW DATES including her being selected for the Yvelive festival and OK Go, amongst a million other things (launching a REMIX CONTEST, Damian writing an OP-ED IN THE WASHINGTON POST ON NET NEUTRALITY etc…), found the time to fly out to Brazil and perform at their Video Music Awards (BVMA) to much applause (as usual).

What’s up next week, you ask? …Well next week is yet another matter, so I say enjoy what you already know get some rest this week-end and stay tuned for what follows from Monday onwards, ha!


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