Links galore

It’s been a good couple of weeks since I last posted and I’m just tired at the thought of all I have to write to sum up everything that has happened since. So I’ve decided I’d just to a links compilation for all artists (pure alphabetical order). Simpler, faster and experimental (as far as my website stats are concerned, as I’m more often than not : baffled).

Benjamin Dantès
1. Ca fait plaisir : superbe chronique de l’EP dans Longueur d’Ondes
2. Vous l’avez peut-être remarqué : bonne mise en avant sur le Nokia Music Store
3. Sa vie? Elle est bien simple : après l’effort dans la Baie des Anges, le réconfort d’une journée type

Emilie Chick
1. You can now finally listen to the album on Spotify
2. If you don’t have Spotify, it’s also available on Deezer
3. No, we’re not trying to play with your nerves… view the Making of the video on AlloMusic
!!Promised : interview and video coming out soon!!

Joni Fuller
1. Released 6 songs digitally last month, available here
2. Saw her acoustic performance at the PRS for Music’s last AGM is the featured video on their website
3. Took the Montrose festival by storm on 29th & 30th May : pics and videos here

Mademoiselle Sane
1. In case you hadn’t noticed, here is her new website
2. I love the way globalisation works : French singer blogged about in English by a Dutch blogger, and nicely too.
3. For the French speakers out there, check out the hilarious Making of the album
Didn’t win the Francofolies unfortunately, but more to come regardless…

1. Won a Webby Award last night : “Fight for net neutrality now.”
2. Their song “This Too Shall Pass” was synchronised in the new iPhone 4 advert (kicks in at approx 2’58) !
3. Premiered their new single “End Love” on The Tonight show with Jay Leno this week

Xeum will be releasing his Alarm EP on Eclesia Records on 18th June – watch out for it right here!

Unicum news : Publishing starting very soon…. 🙂

…More soon, but that’ll be all for today… Allez, Salut !

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