Well, well, well…

…oops – time flies and so much has happened since the first post!

This last couple of weeks has had more than its fair share of fantastic news for everyone.

Joni Fuller

After the London effervescence mid-February recording 2 new songs at the EMI Music Publishing studios as part of the treats reserved for the MIBI winners, and bringing the house down at the subsequent showcase at the Century Club in Soho, Joni Fuller probably thought her week back home and school would seem very calm in comparison.

It looks like fate wanted to prove her wrong : since then, she has been noticed by an industry icon (no name = no jinx!) and had “Paper Cuts”, one of the two songs she won the MIBI Awards for 2 consecutive years with, played and championed by Sean McGinty on BBC Lancs (Lancashire).

Watch this space… !

Mademoiselle Sane

Juste avant de prendre quelques jours de vacances bien mérités, Mademoiselle Sane a joué au CAC Georges Brassens de Mantes-la-Jolie dans le cadre de la finale de France Ô Folies. L’enregistrement du concert a été diffusé sur France Ô cette semaine. Objectif : décrocher le sésame pour faire la 1ère partie d’une tête d’affiche aux Francofolies de La Rochelle cet été. Résultats le 8 juin…

En parallèle, Mademoiselle Sane avance à grands pas sur la finalisation de son prochain album Ca n’coûte pas grand’chose de rêver. On vous en dira plus très bientôt.


OK Go pushed the quintessence of what it is and takes to be “the first post-internet band” (as the VP Marketing of Apple qualified them last summer), by premiering their new video of “This Too Shall Pass” this monday, 1st march 2010 on Youtube.

The video was filmed in a two story warehouse, in the Echo Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The “Rube Golberg Machine” was designed and built by the band, along with members of Syyn Labs over the course of several months.

After the whole crazy very public debate on embeddability and geo-blocking of videos, thank God OK Go persuaded EMI to let them make their new video embeddable : tweets, retweets, sharing on facebook, blog posts, the world is in an OK Go-embedding-frenzy across the blogosphere, it’s the video everybody’s talking about.

NBC in the US, Repubblica in Italy, the BBC in the UK, Télérama in France and many many more, this new groundbreaking video by OK Go is already over 3 millions views in 3 days, which is TRIPLE the views of Gorillaz’s highly anticipated return with “Stylo” !!!

We’ll see if this video beats the 50 millions views of their previous groundbreaking video for “Here It Goes Again” (which, if you watched attentively, appears 2”35 in the TV screen that gets smashed 5 seconds later)…. we’ll update you with hot-just-out-of-the-oven twitter posts, I promise.

Emilie Chick

But of everyone, it should be said it has really been Emilie Chick’s week. Winner of the MMF Live selection, album release, launch parties galore, getting ready to shoot her 1st video in 10 days… where to start?

Her new website was launched this week with the aim of eventually becoming the home and hub for all Emilie Chick related info – exclusive and non-exclusive: twitter updates, photo gallery, store and more – do stop by and say hi !

This wednesday 3rd March, Emilie released her 1st solo album “This Is Emilie Chick Speaking” in physical format. It has had great press reviews from Tsugi.fr and Vibrations so far and more to come. The album is available in all good music stores but in France only for the moment, as well as on Amazon, Fnac.com and directly on La Baleine, her physical distributor. We’ll be announcing a digital release date very soon.

If any of you are in Montpellier tonight and want to join for the Album Launch Party – do come, it starts at 7pm and will be at the Macadam Pub “apéro style”. J

Last but not least, another great piece of news is that Emilie Chick won the MMF’s Live selection alongside singer-songwriter Jason Edwards, she will be performing in Paris on Monday 15th March at Le Réservoir, for what promises to be a memorable and fully packed showcase gig. We only have 12 places left on the list – if you are an industry person – please get in touch asap!

That’s all (!) for this time – thanks for reading on until the end – much was to be said, will try to be posting more regularly so it doesn’t become too much to digest in one go. Have a good one!


Unicum goes digital

PS : Just a quick one away from the limelight to nonetheless proudly inform you that Unicum has signed a deal with Believe, the leading digital distributor for independent artists and labels in Europe, to distribute all the artists we manage across Continental Europe. Now how cool is that?

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