Written & Composed by Emilie Chick & Tony Cochet

Performed by Emilie Chick

Published by UNICUM Publishing


Released by Emilie Chick / La Baleine



what exactly don’t you get?

we throw bombs freely and freedom is just an excuse

we throw nets to catch the eye of the innocent TV watchers

we give you readymade dreams

so you don’t work so hard at making yours come true

isn’t that wonderful?

but I have a weird feeling of helplessness mixed with fear

of this degrading world losing its temper

and while I lose my head, fundamentally ill leaders tread

in historical schemes of schism

But you know complacency deadens the soul

but do we hear the cries from the world and under

can we listen though, can we most importantly

respond and attend to those who need it most

to those who need it most

Who will lead us against the wicked witches of the west

who will terrorize the official authorities of terrorism

who will finally have the courage and strength to fight back

however you can, fight back!

Caus’ our children will blame us for being shameless

will blame us for promoting ignorance

will blame us for blaming other people and never taking a stand

and what will we stand for then?


“Wakarimaska’ Live at Radio France