Smile Again feat. Emilie Chick & Kendall Washington

Written and composed by Julien Chastagnol, Emilie Chick & Kendall Washington

Performed by Digital Velvet, Emilie Chick & Kendall Washington

Published by UNICUM Publishing


Released by Unicum Music


I need to rewind….

CHORUS (Emilie Chick)
Will there ever be a time
Where I feel confident again
Will there ever be a day
Where I smile again

RAP (Kendall Washington)
I don’t feel like that
I don’t think like that get real attached
Apache jump on it
Straddle me I’ll palm it drop Iraqi bombs on it
Sprinkle ashed and psalms on it
I’m all thumbs but I still got nubs on it
Going to clubs with it
Showing love for things you sip I chug on it
Missed just punching it
Wear spiked gloves so I spiked my punch
Had everyone at prom bleeding and stumbling
I’m struggling for an excuse mumbling
Can I scramble my brain
Ample o’ time just to mangle my frame
Can’t be obtained so I can’t be contained
Sanity I’ll feign

BRIDGE (Emilie Chick)
And now you come and rattle me again
You poke at me with false good intent
And I need to go back in time
I need to stop, reset my mind

RAP (Kendall Washington)
Going through the battlefields
Bloodied from head to toes never asked how I feel
Split me in two I’ll keep my own head up
That’s if I’m showing up God knows I’m truant enough
I spit my fluid out mugs and straight up ruin the rugs
They all call me a thug a British bulldog pug
Say my life won’t be long I’ll have medical probs
When I’m begging to stop they just keep going on
You painted my life wrong
So I get rowdy rowdy piper when I hear the gong
Straight fist to jaw one inch punch
Coming in a bunch so here’s a yard to ya punks
I gotta hunch I won’t get rid of ya skunks
Or at least the aroma that you left inside my trunk
Think thunk get up beat up
I need a refill o’ hate in my tea cup
I gotta death wish And I’m selfish
I really can’t help it
Move out the way or get pelted
So pour it grab your Taurus and floor it
My speed you couldn’t afford it my boat you couldn’t board it
I gotta basket of demons you couldn’t sort it
A full warning my life has always been morbid
A torpedo of pressure under the sea I do better
You might ask when I buckle well that’s a never
So if I crash I’m going through windscreens
Lemme know if or not you’ll miss me
I’ll put you on the wake list

CHORUS (Emilie Chick)
Will there ever be a time
Where I feel confident again
Will there ever be a day
Where I smile again