No Time To Fall

Written & Composed by Emilie Chick & Radiolab

Published by UNICUM Publishing


Released by Merecumbe Recordings


Ain’t got time to (bis repetita)

Verse 1
Got no more time to waste
Or sit around, procrastinate
I have got to move on, move forward… Eyes on the ball
I’m gonna win this time, I’m gonna win this game
I ain’t got no time to fall, I’m not willin to complain

I ain’t got no to time to fall
Not willin’ to complain
It ain’t anybody’s fault
So yeah bring on the rain

Verse 2
Gone for good, gone forever
How I wish I could, ask you what to do
Bones and marrow, blood and flesh
Without a soul
What a mess

Ain’t got time to (bis repetita)
Tell me why we – sacrifice so much


Ain’t got time to…


Doug Gomez Remix

George Lesley Remix