Mémorial ACTe I & II

Composed by Maxime Lenik

Performed by Maxime Lenik & Yorrick Troman

Published by UNICUM Publishing


Released by Unicum Music


“Mémorial ACTe I & II” was our Sweet Pépite #15

This contemporary masterpiece is the musical illustration of plastician Shuck One’s gigantic fresco that has been part of the permanent collection of museum Mémorial ACTe in Guadeloupe, since it’s inauguration by French President François Hollande in 2015.

The two works (art installation and musical composition) being linked, they became the basis and starting point for a full educational and historical project entitled “Vivre Libre ou Mourir” (Live Free or Die) about slavery and the values of freedom, attracting partners such as UNESCO, and major French media and instutitions, including the Ministry of Outre-Mer.

This musical composition was also released on a connected vinyl (the 2nd ever to be released in the world) with exclusive featurings from Shuck One, Maxime Lenik and Lilian Thuram.

More about the project on the dedicated websites :

FR : vivrelibreoumourir.fr

EN : livefreeordie.site