Fly feat. Non ShadowHuntaz & Emilie Chick

Written, composed by Julien Chastagnol, Emilie Chick & Cameron Flournoy, performed by Digital Velvet, Non ShadowHuntaz & Emilie Chick

Published by Unicum Publishing


Released by Unicum Music


(Non ShadowHuntaz)

We can walk through it

Talk about it or let it be

Live in moment

We can Own it or we can flee

I am a work of imperfection

Praise be

Ima real man

By the real women that raised me

Ima Product

of how I was brought up

But Ima man of many flaws

Rebel without a pause

Live life by mans laws I

Or fall to the game

I rise to moment

You never judge me same

Laugh through the sadness

Cry through the madness

Make love to the night

And never take it for granted

While I make Music

Use it to travel the planet

With heart and intellect

Reflect in retrospect

A gift

But I still have to ask

What if ?

(Emilie Chick)

Blue teardrops rollin down

Purple lips, they grin but seldom make a sound

Black eyes staring at nothing

The white noise, privacy invading

Yellow feathered wings

Flag against the wind

Red warmness crawls under your skin

The green goddess that we all resent

As pink and gold flowers grow silent

Silent – as I cry, they grow silent…