Dark Beats

Written & Composed by Emilie Chick & Tony Cochet

Performed by Emilie Chick

Published by UNICUM Publishing


Released by Emilie Chick / La Baleine


Dark beats are breaking my heart

making me remember where I went wrong

the man on sax just playin’ his part but he makes me feel

like I’m part of his song

time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ into the future

but my memory keeps on slippin’ sideways in my tangled brain

so it gets caught in knots,

a matrix-like twitching gives me an itching pain sensation

the black widows of my imagination

haunting precious hours and spookin’ me round

why the fuck hasn’t anyone found me yet?

i’m there in a corner can’t you see?

who cares anymore nobody’s feelin’ sorry

hell, I’m not complainin’, keepin’ a mouth shut

came with the job

or maybe shoulda tried hookin’ up with silent bob

no regrets, no pain no gain no more

fuck that philosophy of less is more

more or less no one could care less

caus’ careless caresses killed my confidence

there’s no coincidence, hard to admit but it’s real

I’m gonna have to cut my own deal