Composed by Juan Jackson & Maxime Lenik

Performed by Juan Jackson

Published by UNICUM Publishing


Released by Leonizer Records


My face is all blush.
Shining all through the night.
What makes my dick wrong?
Candy, come make me right.

Your legs are so long.
Heaven between your thighs.
What makes your back strong?
Candy, this can’t be right.

I wanna taste it.
I wanna feel it.
I wanna take you to the places too dark.
I want you to taste it.
I want you to feel it.
I wanna keep you percolating to this song.

Come follow me home.
You’re gonna make me cry.
Let’s make a sex song.
Candy, come make me right.

Just let that back arch.
Below you hide a prize.
This funk is so strong.
Candy, this can’t be right.

Ain’t wearing nothing.
The pulse is jumping.
Don’t try to make me break.
I’ll just say it’s ok.
The beat is thumping.
It’s getting rough, and
I’ll be your Mr Grey.
And, I’ll keep you awake all night!

Your sweat can heal me.
So sweet could make me die.
I’m speaking in tongue.
Candy, come make me right.

I’m gonna take off
Just like a rocket ride.
You got me so hard.
Candy, this can’t be right